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The True hardwood flooring collection is truly amazing with stunning colors and features. Hallmark Floors is the first to master this revolutionary technology of replicating "the bog-wood process" that occurs when logs lie buried in lakes, river, and waterways for hundreds of years, deprived of oxygen and sunlight. This process in nature can take centuries for the wood to turn from its natural color to deep golden brown or even completely black. Hallmark has emulated nature’s methods to create saturated colors throughout the top layer, creating stunning, weathered patinas. True bog-wood, driftwood, and weathered barn wood are all very rare. These cherished wood treasures are in high demand worldwide for use in furniture and flooring. Now Hallmark has made these prized finishes available to everyone through our True hardwood flooring collection.

Color: Orange Blossom Hickory
  • Amber Pine
  • Gardenia Oak
  • Ginger Lily Oak
  • Jasmine Hickory
  • Juniper Maple
  • Lemon Grass Oak
  • Magnolia Hickory
  • Neroli Oak
  • Onyx Oak
  • Orange Blossom Hickory
  • Orris Maple
  • Silver Needle Oak
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Orange Blossom Hickory
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